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Status of GRUB / GRUB2?

From: Martin Baute
Subject: Status of GRUB / GRUB2?
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2004 06:13:59 +0200

Hi there,

I submitted this as bug #9640 last week, but it seems
the bug tracker isn't that well maintained, so I'll
try the mailing list now.


The website is very hazy on the following (crucial, IMHO)

* will GRUB2 still be Multiboot compliant? Will existing
  self-written kernels have to adapt to GRUB2?

* how far away is GRUB2? What is yet to be done? Any roadmap?

That being said, you still have GRUB dangling at 0.9x, "not
been released publically", and yet being discontinued for
some "GRUB 2" that might be years off for all we (casual
visitors of your website) would know.

How can there be a GRUB *2* if there never was a GRUB *1*
to speak of? I'd expect at least a 1.0 file release - however
incomplete and inferor that version might feel for you - that
people can use and rely upon until that GRUB 2 materializes.

Just IMHO and my 0.02€ as usual.

Martin Baute

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