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AW: Re: Status of GRUB / GRUB2?

From: solar
Subject: AW: Re: Status of GRUB / GRUB2?
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 19:00 +0000

Thanks for your answers.

>Why is that a problem?  GRUB Legacy bugs will be fixed, etc.

OK, then we have a significantly different understanding
on release handling.

It just doesn't quite fit (IMHO) to have something versioned
as 0.9x, named "alpha", "discontinued", "legacy", and "not
publically released", yet still working on a 2.x successor (to
what?) and maintaining it (fixing bugs).

But of course you're free to use any versioning scheme you
like. Just know that some people are confused by it. ;-)

Martin Baute

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