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Re: Linux from NTLDR

From: Digital Infra, Inc.
Subject: Re: Linux from NTLDR
Date: Sun, 01 Aug 2004 05:53:51 +0900

Thank you Stuge, Jarvis, for replying me.

Sorry, I lost very imporant point in the previous mail.

What we has been committing is,
   1. Install Linux partitiln as a very big file on NTFS.
      In other words, you can install Linux without creating
      a new partition dedicated to Linux.
   2. Boot Linux from that big file by NTLDR.

What you told me is right and useful but it is not I am disucussing.
It is about booting Linux from Linux partition with NTLDR.
What I am seeking is, booting from NTFS partition.

First, We ( Okajima and Topologi Linux guys ) believe that current Linux
distribution has a fault for newbies. It requies a new partition and
Grub (or Lilo) installed to their MBR. You can understand how much this
is painful for newbies?
Then, we started creating a newbie friendily Linux.

We has succeeded for some degree. We has booted Linux by Grub. And there has 
MLD which is a very similar commercial distribution using Lilo.
Both technology is almost same. They map absolute sector numbers of stage2
to stage1. This works if you dont defrag. But if someone defrag? it does not 

We did has been wanting to eliminate this problem.
And it comes.
A hacker named Tinybit solves. His boot loader can load Grub stage2
on NTFS without sector mapping.  Good......Thanks, Tinybit.

But even his great code still has a problem. Grub can not understand all of 
Even with his code, some NTFS partition does not boot.
I am seeking solving this problem.
My proposal is this.
  1. We already succeeded to boot Grub stage2 from NTLDR directly.
  2. The format of grub2 we used is same as .com file of MSDOS.
  3. Then, if we have, I think we can boot vmlinux directly.
  4. If it boots, we can boot any vmlinux on NTFS/IDE drive which current
     linux can handle. Because, if once we boot any linux, we can use kexec
     to boot another linux.

Huuuah. Tired with writing long (wrong?) English.

Okay? So I want your opinion.

1. What do you think about my project?
2. Can you give me any hints?
3. Do you know something like

Sorry for LinuxBIOS guys. This seems to be not related to an embedded matter.
But, If you are a cluster computing guy, making Linux newbie friendly would be 
your profit. More people come to Linux, you get more grid node automatically.

FYI, check these URLs.  (Free Sample version of MLD);action=display;num=

                    --- Okajima. Tokyo, Japan.


>On Fri, Jul 30, 2004 at 04:07:58PM +0100, Matt Jarvis wrote:
>> A cursory google throws up loads of stuff about doing this :
>> Personally I would use grub, but each to their own...
>Without reading any of the above, this is what I do:
># in Linux
>dd if=/dev/hda of=/boot/bootsect.lix bs=512 count=1
>cat << EOF > /etc/lilo.conf
>  label=lix267
># then copy /boot/bootsect.lix to wherever Windows thinks is C:\
># and add this line to C:\boot.ini in the appropriate section.
>I can see how using GRUB would be especially beneficial under these
>circumstances but I much prefer LILO anyway. Call me old-fashioned
>if you like. :)
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