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Open Firmware: search devalias children for disks

From: Hollis Blanchard
Subject: Open Firmware: search devalias children for disks
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 00:11:24 -0500

The current Open Firmware code only examines the devaliases when searching for disks present. (In general we probably want to search the whole device tree, but this behavior is ok for now.)

However when SCSI disks are present, the devalias is to the SCSI controller node, and under that are the block- and byte-oriented devices sd and st. Example:

This patch (for comment only right now) allows grub2 to consider the children of devaliases when looking for disks, which lets it find the sd node above.

grub_ofdisk_open() was modified to avoid resolving aliases by hand; OF's open and finddevice do it for us. Also the error checking it was doing was a little off.

However, note that I had to comment out the ":0" being appended to the device path (e.g. "scsi/sd:0"). I'm still not sure why, but when the ":0" was present, open and close on the block device would succeed but seek failed. :( More investigation may be needed, as I *think* the stage1 loader loaded grubof using ":0" in the device name (as seen in /chosen/bootpath). But with this patch on top of all the other patches I've sent so far, I get the following output:

grub> ls
(scsi/sd) (scsi/sd,0) (scsi/sd,1) (scsi/sd,2) (scsi/sd,3) (scsi/sd,4) (scsi/sd,5)
grub> ls (scsi/sd,5)/
lost+found/ dev/ etc/ tmp/ var/ proc/ bin/ boot/ home/ lib/ mnt/ opt/ root/ sbin/ usr/ halt

That's pretty good. :)


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