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Re: editing a menu entry

From: Tobias Wollgam
Subject: Re: editing a menu entry
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 16:27:46 +0200
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> I'd like to hear your opinion about editing a menu entry.
> I'm now writing code for editing a menu entry. Unlike GRUB Legacy,
> I'd like to edit a menu entry directly using GRUB as a screen editor
> rather than going to a command-line and going back to the menu-like
> interface. Conceptually, the interface for menu entry editing will
> behave like a subset of GNU Emacs.
> Then, there is a key bind problem. In GRUB Legacy, we use 'b' to boot
> an entry and use ENTER to edit a specified command. In GRUB 2, these
> must be used to insert the character 'b' and to insert a newline or
> split a command into two, respectively. Then, how to boot the entry?
> I don't know what the right way is. Using an unusual key (such as
> C-c)? Or, a combination of keys (such as C-x b)?
> What do you think?

I do not know which possibilities there are, but I don't like the key 
combination stuff. 

How is ALT-b?

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