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Re: normal mode chainloader

From: M. Gerards
Subject: Re: normal mode chainloader
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 21:38:46 +0200
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Quoting Tomas Ebenlendr <address@hidden>:

> > Oh, ok :)
> > 
> > How about the patch for module loading in grub-emu?  Are you
> > working on that as well?
> Yes, but very slowly. I don't understand binutils and linker very much,
> but I want to learn it. Now I want to get executable whith
> grub-compatible elf header. (If I fail, I can compile modules with header
> compatible to dlopen.)

As far as I know you could use normal GRUB modules, no?  so you can use 
the same normal.mod as is used boottime.

Would you have a problem with me trying to implement this or do you have too 
much already?

I have some problems with the implementation of the relocator for the PPC
and I think it is easier to debug if I can use grub-emu for this.


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