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Re: [ppc patch] support SCSI disks

From: Marco Gerards
Subject: Re: [ppc patch] support SCSI disks
Date: Mon, 04 Oct 2004 11:21:32 +0000
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Hollis Blanchard <address@hidden> writes:

Some gcs things you can hopefully do next time.  I'll fix these before
applying the patch.

As far as I am concerned this patch can be committed.  So I will do
that when I have the time for that.

> 2004-10-01    Hollis Blanchard        <address@hidden>

Use only two spaces before and after your name.

>       * disk/powerpc/ieee1275/ofdisk.c (grub_ofdisk_iterate):
>       call grub_children_iterate for device nodes of type `scsi',
>       `ide', or `ata'.

Please begin a sentence with a capital.

>       Fix error checking after grub_ieee1275_get_property.

Better describe what was changed.

> +      else if ((! grub_strcmp (alias->type, "scsi"))
> +            || (! grub_strcmp (alias->type, "ide"))
> +            || (! grub_strcmp (alias->type, "ata")))

What I meant with my previous email was finding these aliases that
function as controller dynamically if possible.  But this is ok for

> +      /* XXX: Don't use hardcoded path lengths.  */
> +      char childtype[64];
> +      char childpath[64];
> +      char childname[64];
> +      char fullname[64];

I assume you tested this length is sufficient.


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