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Gnu Arch (was: Re: ChangeLogs?)

From: Tomas Ebenlendr
Subject: Gnu Arch (was: Re: ChangeLogs?)
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 11:22:54 +0200
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> But ChangeLogs will most likely go away, or at least change, when
> changeset based VC system (GNU Arch, for example) gets more wide
> spread usage.

Hmm, and what about converting with Grub to GNU Arch? For me, it's main
advantage is branching. I will be able to hack for grub at any place,
because I'll comit my changes in my private archive. I'll merge into
mainstream only features, that will be accepted here.

                                 Tomas 'ebi' Ebenlendr
                                 PF 2004.78270687867

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