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Re: Framebuffer

From: Johan Grip
Subject: Re: Framebuffer
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004 16:40:32 +0200
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Marco Gerards wrote:
Johan Grip <address@hidden> writes:

Marco Gerards wrote:

Does this make sense or does this just suck?  I hope many people will
reply on this so I can start hacking ASAP.

This does indeed make sense. For the project I am involved in, AROS,
we already use a patched version of GRUB with vesa support in it.

Our patch allows GRUB to set a vesa mode before handing over control
to the OS, so we do not need to mess with realmode stuff in our code.

This is a bit of a different discussion, I think (although related).
What you are suggesting is that the VESA part of the multiboot
specification should be implemented, right?  IIRC it is possible to
set a VESA mode just before booting the kernel if I remember the
multiboot spec correctly.  The code for that and the framebuffer can
be shared somehow.

Indeed, that was my thought. Once you have code for a vesa framebuffer in place, adding the multiboot compliancy would be rather simple. So they go hand in hand, atleast for vesa.

Both a complete multiboot (or a new multiboot specification) and a
framebuffer for GRUB 2 are important to have IMHO.

Yes, agreed.
I think our code does not follow the multiboot spec though, as we want to be able to select a screenmode from the grub menu. The multiboot spec states that the kernel image should have info in it regarding screen mode etc.


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