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RISC OS port

From: Timothy Baldwin
Subject: RISC OS port
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 17:00:56 +0000
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During the past few months I have been working on a port to RISC OS an ARM 
processors. It has reached the point where it can boot Linux, and IMO is 
nearly ready to be included in CVS. It does not support to booting of 
compressed Linux kernels as the decompression code has not been updated to 
the new parameter passing convention.

It includes support to access filesystems though the RISC OS filesystem API, 
which error numbers should be returned in case of an error?

I propose returning GRUB_ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND when RISC OS return a file not 
found error, and in other cases returning an error number based on what Grub 
is trying to do, ie one of:


The other ends which need tidying up before inclusion in CVS are:
Write a changelog
Fix copyright notices
Write support for ARMv4 (eg. StrongARM) and ARMv5 processors (eg. XScale).
Fix the arrow keys

What codes should the arrow keys return? The openfirmware and PC drivers 

Since the patch 138KiB large I have put it on the web at:

It's sha1sum is: 7b40a537ce5d110eaf3ea73801853fe198c8841f
It's md5sum is:  20ccbc634b13d86c2643adfed95d36a7

TODO list:
Support access to RISC OS files not on (or symlinked from) devices supported 
by Grub.
Support loading of Linux initrds.
Write an installer and updater.
Possibly support attaching modules to the kernel.

Member AFFS, WYLUG, SWP (UK), ANL, RESPECT, Leeds SA, Leeds Anti-war coalition
No to software patents!

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