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device syntax again

From: Hollis Blanchard
Subject: device syntax again
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 18:57:35 -0600

I'd like to discuss device syntax again. Let me start by giving an example. When a client is booted on an OF-based machine, it can find out what the booted device and path was. This is the /chosen/bootpath property. Here is the bootpath property from a briQ I just booted:
        ok > boot net:,grubof.chrp
        bootpath = /address@hidden/address@hidden
I would like to load a config file from the same location, so I should set the GRUB environment variable "prefix".

(Remember: the original problem I had regarding device syntax was use of the comma in device paths. OF paths sometime contain commas, but that confuses GRUB's parser, which was written when all it had to worry about was the devices on a PC.)

What should I set prefix to if the bootpath property has a comma in it? It is not possible to ask the user to reboot and create a devalias for this device. Aside from the obvious usability issues, the devalias is actually expanded to its true path for the bootpath property. You'll notice above I used the alias "net", but bootpath was the full "/address@hidden/address@hidden".


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