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Re: some design issues

From: Paul
Subject: Re: some design issues
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 17:14:01 +1100
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Hi Okuji et al:

> Currently, GRUB 2 uses grub.cfg as the name of a default config file.

I like grub.cnf.

Precedent is often a useful indicator... so I got to wondering what
others had done given similar circumstances...

I had a quick look through the /etc directory on my Debian (sarge)
system, counting the number of occurances of cnf/conf/rc files, using
the following command:
    find /etc/ | grep rc$

Quick summary of what I found:
  rc$: a fair few, including (parts of) X11, Gimp and OpenOffice
  cnf$: only Tex and MySQL on my system
  conf$: lots of stuff... but then again, I am running Linux.

Despite the fact files matching rc$ where quite common, I would steer
away from this choice, simply because rc files are associated with
user-level customization.  GRUB is not exactly user-level and thus is
more suited to a .conf filename.  Of course, the filename must comply
to 8.3 standard, so it seems only a choice of the best filename...

If it were my choice, and I needed an 8.3 filename, I would choose
grub.cnf.  If distributions want to symlink to grub.conf, no worries.
menu.lst is not obvious to me, and for this reason I am forever
double-checking I have the correct name with GRUB legacy.

> But I don't know if grub.cfg is nice.
It isn't.  But I think it is the best name given the requirements.


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