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Re: [patch] set prefix on PPC

From: Hollis Blanchard
Subject: Re: [patch] set prefix on PPC
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2005 18:21:28 -0600

On Feb 15, 2005, at 3:31 PM, Marco Gerards wrote:
Ok.  But the file does not need to be blessed to boot from it.  It's
just used so the user can use:

boot hd,0

instead of:

boot hd,0:grubof

To me the second sounds good enough. Or does that cause other problems?

Remember that resetting the PRAM (a rare but not unusual action on Macs) will revert to the stock firmware configuration, and if OS X is the only blessed OS, the user will find themselves unable to boot into Linux without a decent understanding of Open Firmware. Blessing GRUB would eliminate this problem*.

* If OS X is on a lower partition number, the user will still boot into OS X after a PRAM reset. However, if the firmware recognizes GRUB as a valid kernel, there is a graphical "select boot device" interface on newer machines that can be triggered by holding down the Option key at startup.

Ok. I assume you want to test my patch and review it further, so I
will wait for more comments before committing it.

Sure, I will test and review it on both of my PPC systems and review
the patch.  I hope you understand that it can take a while. :/

I hope I can talk you into taking a look soon, as this functionality is essential if we want to actually *use* GRUB2.

It should be pretty easy to build and see what happens... :) (See my patch from earlier today since current CVS doesn't build.)

I don't want to add a fancy parser yet.  At the moment we just use a
single argument.  If more will be used, this code has to be changed.

And in that case, the format of "bootargs" will have to change
too. It's never too early to think about backwards compatibility,
especially if people are thinking of packaging and distributing a
grub2.deb... :)

Huh?  Why would backward compatibility be broken?

If a user installs GRUB now with this bootargs patch, then later if we wish to add a debug option with "fancy parser" they will no longer be able to boot, as the syntax will change.

Now: "boot grubof hd0,6"
Later: "boot grubof prefix=hd0,6 debug=all"

Users trying to boot with the old syntax will fail.


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