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build error on ppc

From: Nico -telmich- Schottelius
Subject: build error on ppc
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 10:58:04 +0100
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I just wanted to compile grub2/cvs, but configure fails:

[10:31] ei:grub2% ./configure --prefix=/usr/packages/grub2 && make
checking for objcopy... objcopy
checking whether objcopy works for absolute addresses... configure: error: gcc 
ot link at address 2000
[10:31] ei:grub2%

[10:49] ei:grub2% autoconf && autoheader                          

does not fix that.

After commenting out 


in, autoconf && autoheader, ./configure works fine.

But then make fails:

-- snip --

gcc -o grub-emu grub_emu-kern_main.o grub_emu-kern_device.o 
grub_emu-kern_disk.o grub_emu-kern_dl.o grub_emu-kern_file.o grub_emu-kern_fs.o 
grub_emu-kern_err.o grub_emu-kern_misc.o grub_emu-kern_loader.o 
grub_emu-kern_rescue.o grub_emu-kern_term.o grub_emu-partmap_amiga.o 
grub_emu-partmap_pc.o grub_emu-partmap_apple.o grub_emu-fs_fshelp.o 
grub_emu-util_i386_pc_biosdisk.o grub_emu-fs_fat.o grub_emu-fs_ext2.o 
grub_emu-fs_ufs.o grub_emu-fs_minix.o grub_emu-fs_hfs.o grub_emu-fs_jfs.o 
grub_emu-fs_iso9660.o grub_emu-normal_cmdline.o grub_emu-normal_command.o 
grub_emu-normal_main.o grub_emu-normal_menu.o grub_emu-normal_arg.o 
grub_emu-kern_partition.o grub_emu-util_console.o grub_emu-util_grub_emu.o 
grub_emu-util_misc.o grub_emu-util_i386_pc_getroot.o grub_emu-kern_env.o 
grub_emu-disk_loopback.o grub_emu-commands_ls.o grub_emu-commands_help.o 
grub_emu-commands_terminal.o grub_emu-commands_boot.o grub_emu-commands_cmp.o 
grub_emu-commands_cat.o  -lncurses
grub_emu-normal_menu.o(.text+0x944): In function `grub_menu_run':
normal/menu.c:296: undefined reference to `grub_menu_entry_run'
grub_emu-util_grub_emu.o(.text+0x414): In function `main':
util/grub-emu.c:191: undefined reference to `grub_halt_init'
grub_emu-util_grub_emu.o(.text+0x418):util/grub-emu.c:192: undefined reference 
to `grub_reboot_init'
grub_emu-util_grub_emu.o(.text+0x430):util/grub-emu.c:201: undefined reference 
to `grub_reboot_fini'
grub_emu-util_grub_emu.o(.text+0x434):util/grub-emu.c:202: undefined reference 
to `grub_halt_fini'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [grub-emu] Error 1

-- snap --

I don't know wherefore grub_PROG_OBJCOPY_ABSOLUTE is needed, if it's only
needed on x86 or whatever.

When those bugs are fixed in cvs, I'll recheck and report.


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