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Re: build error on ppc

From: Hollis Blanchard
Subject: Re: build error on ppc
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 09:14:01 -0600

On Feb 21, 2005, at 3:58 AM, Nico -telmich- Schottelius wrote:

I just wanted to compile grub2/cvs, but configure fails:

[10:31] ei:grub2% ./configure --prefix=/usr/packages/grub2 && make
checking for objcopy... objcopy
checking whether objcopy works for absolute addresses... configure: error: gcc cann
ot link at address 2000
[10:31] ei:grub2%

[10:49] ei:grub2% autoconf && autoheader

does not fix that.

After commenting out


in, autoconf && autoheader, ./configure works fine.

That test passes for me. I'm slightly curious about what exactly it's doing and why it's there, but have never looked into it.

checking whether objcopy works for absolute addresses... yes

objcopy --version says "GNU objcopy 2.15" for me.

But then make fails:

-- snip --

gcc -o grub-emu grub_emu-kern_main.o grub_emu-kern_device.o grub_emu-kern_disk.o grub_emu-kern_dl.o grub_emu-kern_file.o grub_emu-kern_fs.o grub_emu-kern_err.o grub_emu-kern_misc.o grub_emu-kern_loader.o grub_emu-kern_rescue.o grub_emu-kern_term.o grub_emu-partmap_amiga.o grub_emu-partmap_pc.o grub_emu-partmap_apple.o grub_emu-fs_fshelp.o grub_emu-util_i386_pc_biosdisk.o grub_emu-fs_fat.o grub_emu-fs_ext2.o grub_emu-fs_ufs.o grub_emu-fs_minix.o grub_emu-fs_hfs.o grub_emu-fs_jfs.o grub_emu-fs_iso9660.o grub_emu-normal_cmdline.o grub_emu-normal_command.o grub_emu-normal_main.o grub_emu-normal_menu.o grub_emu-normal_arg.o grub_emu-kern_partition.o grub_emu-util_console.o grub_emu-util_grub_emu.o grub_emu-util_misc.o grub_emu-util_i386_pc_getroot.o grub_emu-kern_env.o grub_emu-disk_loopback.o grub_emu-commands_ls.o grub_emu-commands_help.o grub_emu-commands_terminal.o grub_emu-commands_boot.o grub_emu-commands_cmp.o grub_emu-commands_cat.o -lncurses
grub_emu-normal_menu.o(.text+0x944): In function `grub_menu_run':
normal/menu.c:296: undefined reference to `grub_menu_entry_run'
grub_emu-util_grub_emu.o(.text+0x414): In function `main':
util/grub-emu.c:191: undefined reference to `grub_halt_init'
grub_emu-util_grub_emu.o(.text+0x418):util/grub-emu.c:192: undefined reference to `grub_reboot_init' grub_emu-util_grub_emu.o(.text+0x430):util/grub-emu.c:201: undefined reference to `grub_reboot_fini' grub_emu-util_grub_emu.o(.text+0x434):util/grub-emu.c:202: undefined reference to `grub_halt_fini'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [grub-emu] Error 1

For a temporary fix, you can apply the patch I sent out 19 Feb 2005, in a mail titled "PPC build fixes."

However as you can see from that thread, there is one more addition I need to make before I can commit the patch, and I won't have time for that tonight. So it will be at least another day or two before CVS will build for PPC.


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