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Re: [PATCHv2] dprintf implementation

From: Hollis Blanchard
Subject: Re: [PATCHv2] dprintf implementation
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 10:02:36 -0600

On Feb 25, 2005, at 5:52 AM, Vincent Pelletier wrote:

grub_strword (string, word) : searches for word (a serie of
non-word-separators eventualy ended by word-separators) in string (a
succession of 0 or more words which can begin by word-separator(s))

grub_strword looks a little overcomplicated; would something like this work?

grub_strword (const char *haystack, const char *needle)
    int pos = 0;
    int found = 0;

    while (haystack[pos]) {
        /* Advance to next word. */
        while (grub_iswordseparator (haystack[pos]))

        if (0 == grub_strcmp (&haystack[pos], needle))
                found = 1;

    return found;

That assumes 'needle' contains no separator characters. I think that's a safe assumption, given that 'needle' should come from a list of #defines. Or we could even sanity-check that in grub_strword, which IMHO would still be simpler than your earlier code.

Also, don't forget to add double spaces after periods in comments; otherwise the emacs^W"style" police will kick in your door and make you write 500 ChangeLog entries as punishment.


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