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Re: Test GRUB2 compiled by MingW

From: Hanzac Chen
Subject: Re: Test GRUB2 compiled by MingW
Date: Sat, 02 Apr 2005 07:19:23 +0800
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Marco Gerards wrote:

This is not normal.  Perhaps there is still a problem with the
compiler or linker or so.  MingW is just a modified gcc, right?
OK, I see, next time I'll compile it under Linux GCC, to compare that.

I need to know if the problem is caused by the kernel unable to load its
modules. I'm trying to understand how GRUB loads its modules.

BTW: MingW uses PECOFF object format, so it may have some limitations.
BTW: When generate the kernel_syms.lst, every symbol should have a
underline at the beginning when compiling with some kind of compiler
like MingW.

Is there a way to fix this so everything remains working on the
supported OS'es and making things work on MingW as well?
Modifying is enough, I think.
Anyway, this is not a big problem.


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