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[BUG+Experiences] grub2 on ppc

From: Nico -telmich- Schottelius
Subject: [BUG+Experiences] grub2 on ppc
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2005 23:46:10 +0200
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Hello dear developers!

First impressions: It is somehow next to work.

1. The problem is that my / (root) is xfs, which is not support yet.

Marco, can you fix that? ;-)

2. The second thing which is a bit ugly is that grub2 lists
(hd) (hd,...) _AND_ (ultra0) (ultra0,...)

which describes the same harddisk. This is a bit confusing for me.

3. grub once killed itself/hangup: I typed
   linux (hd,3)/usr<TAB> (hda4 == my /)
   But I cannot reproduce it!

4. When typing
   linux (hd3)/<tab> grub does NOT say "no such device" or something
   similar, but prints a new line. For someone who does not see the
   typo, he'll be the one who asks on support channels.

   Btw, the same behaviour is seen when doing
   linux (hd,3)<tab> (on the not readable xfs partition). I really
   would like to see "Cannot read that filesystem (yet)."-message.

5. When loading grub after the _first_ yaboot prompt
   (where one can select openfirmware, macos, linux) grub
   does not cleanly overwrite the text written before!

That's it for the first time.

Please tell me when those things are fixed and I'll try again.


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