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installing grub to another disk

From: Michael Hirsch
Subject: installing grub to another disk
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 15:33:11 -0400

I'm confused as to how to install grub on a disk residing in one place
in the drive order so that it can boot later from another place in the
drive order.  Hmm--that sounds confusing.  Let me explain.

Here's my situation.  I'm writing a disk duplicator.  Suppose the disk
to duplicate is /dev/hda to linux or (hd0) to grub, and I want to
duplicate it to a new drive located at /dev/hdc (hd2).  After the
duplication process I expect to be able to take the new drive out,
stick it in another system as /dev/hda (hd0) and boot it up.

I can do all the partitioning and copying, but I'm not sure how to
install grub on the new drive.  It is something like "grub-install
/dev/hdc" but I'm worried that when it actually tries to boot it will
look for stage2 in /dev/hdc but it is now in /dev/hda.

When I did something similar with lilo I could pass lilo some
parameters to tell it that the drive now at hdc will be at hda when
boot time comes along.  Does grub offer something similar?  Or do I
even need to worry about this?  I can't quite figure out from the docs
whether this will be a real issue or not.

I hope I've made myself clear--it is a somewhat confusing situation. 
Please ask me for any clarifications.



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