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Re: [patch] set prefix on PPC - briQ results

From: Hollis Blanchard
Subject: Re: [patch] set prefix on PPC - briQ results
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 22:59:51 -0500

I've tested the patch on briQ. As far as I can tell, CodeGen's "SmartFirmware" is crap, frequently suffering mysterious failures that require unplugging and waiting (unplugging and replugging rapidly isn't enough). It also suffers frequent ATA failures, where the disk or controller simply stop responding.

1. (major) Firmware does not properly set /chosen/bootpath to include the partition number. 2. (major) Partition numbering *seems* to be 0-based. I had a lot of problems booting, but I'm pretty sure it is.
3. (minor) /chosen/bootpath is this:
but the "hd" devalias is this:
Note the differing case of "f". This prevents the devalias matching from succeeding. I've fixed this by using strncasecmp instead of strncmp.

There are various other problems, such as ignoring arguments to the "boot" command and instead always using boot-device and boot-file. Also I get unexplained errors like these:
        ok boot hda:0,/grubof.chrp
        error: error while trying to load or boot
but this works:
        ok " hda:0" " /grubof.chrp" (load) go

Problem 1 could be worked around by taking the yaboot approach: iterate over all disk partitions looking for a file named "/grub/grub.cfg" (i.e. /boot/grub/grub.cfg). This fallback can be used if we do not find a grub.cfg in prefix.

Problem 2 could be worked around by blacklisting firmwares based on the /openprom properties. Here is the briQ's output:
        ok dev /openprom
        ok .properties
        model                 "BRIQ,"
        SmartFirmware-version "1.1"
CodeGen-copyright "SmartFirmware(tm) Copyright 1996-2000 by CodeGen, Inc. All Rights Reserved."
        name                  "openprom"

Does the Pegasos have a SmartFirmware-version property?


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