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Re: Fwd: memory probing

From: Stefan Reinauer
Subject: Re: Fwd: memory probing
Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 14:13:48 +0200
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* alfred hitch <address@hidden> [050510 12:23]:
> anyways, how can u get this from processor also ? 

The processor has little to nothing to do with this.. it's dependent on
the northbridge and southbridge.

> I vaguely remember see'ing some code where someone on a i386 based
> plattform but WITHOUT bios, used smbus protocol to talk to a device
> across PIIX4 to get the info.
Which might work on one motherboard and fail on another. Even if they
both have a PIIX4.

> I am not familiar with PC architecture, so can someone tell me if
> there is some standard chip  (memory controller? ?) where one can read
> this on PC type arch. atleast ?

No. Not in a portable way. That's why BIOS provides the e820 table.

> I am on  a IXDP425 plattform, and so far I cannot see any such
> register on the data sheets ..
They are usually not disclosed in publically available datasheets.


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