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Re: grub on ppc -- a CHRP script

From: Maurizio Boriani
Subject: Re: grub on ppc -- a CHRP script
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 09:26:53 +0200
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>>>>> "Marco" == Marco Gerards <address@hidden> writes:

    Marco> Maurizio Boriani <address@hidden> writes:
    >> If someone isn't already doing, I'm going to write a reiserfs
    >> module (let me know).

    Marco> It was on my todo, but I won't have the time for it anytime
    Marco> soon.  So, feel free to work on this.

ok, apply for this :)

    >> Also what about multiboot specification support in grub2?  Is
    >> available (on ppc and ia32)? If not why ? :)

    Marco> Not yet on the PPC.  This is something I'd like to work on
    Marco> during my summer holidays.

ok :)

    Marco> Thanks, Marco


Maurizio Boriani 
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