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network support : memory management problem

From: Vincent Guffens
Subject: network support : memory management problem
Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 15:48:02 +0200
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I sent a similar e-mail yesterday but I think it didn't get through.

I have a working version of the netboot support in grub2. I can issue commands like (seeking in file is not yet possible):

cat (nd0)test.txt
linux (nd0)linux24

but depending on where in the code I free my data blocks, I sometimes get a "free magic is broken" fatal error msg from grub_free().

I found out that if I use the grub_printf() function just before the call to grub_free(), the problem disappears.

That is to say that in my grub_net_close function (the close file function associated with the net binding file system), I do something like:

struct grub_netfs_data * priv =  (struct grub_netfs_data *) file->data;
struct grub_netfs_block *pp, * p = priv->head;


if (p)
  pp = p->next;

  while (p) {
    if ((p->data)){

If I remove the FREEING msg, I have the panic error message, otherwise, everything looks fine. The exact error message is

free magic is broken at 0x85900: 0x0

Does someone has an idea ? Is there some documentation available about the mm in grub2 ?

The full code is available on this web page:

                                Vincent Guffens
                                PhD Student UCL/CESAME
                                tel:   +32 10 47 80 30
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