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Scripting and keystrokes

From: Serbinenko Vladimir
Subject: Scripting and keystrokes
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 10:54:25 +0200
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Hello all. I'm back. I wrote nothing last time because I was quite busy.
2 themes I'd like to speak of:
1) Scripting: how make it: three possibilities
    a) Hand written
    b) Bison with 2 branches: one executes directly and other saves the
commands that are for later execution
    c) Convert with bison to the structure like

    enum grub_script_cmd_type

    struct grub_script_for_in
          char *var;
          char **list;
          grub_script_cmd *loop_begin;
          grub_script_cmd *skip_loop;
    struct grub_script_cmd
             grub_script_cmd_type type;
                   char *command;
                   grub_script_for_in for_in;


Which scripting: I propose to make bash-like scripting and make it so
close as possible to bash

2) Keystrokes: emulation of keypress: just write keys in buffer before
booting. I propose to add array of functions grub_preboot that will be
launched between grub_machine_fini and grub_loader_boot_func and
functions grub_add_preboot and grub_remove_preboot
And command syntax like:
keystroke [<first key> [<second key> [...]]]
keystroke h e l l o
Space is needed because some keys can't be written with one symbol like:
F1, insert, ...
keystroke F8 down enter

I'm ready to write both scripting and keystroke.


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