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Re: common ieee1275 code

From: Hollis Blanchard
Subject: Re: common ieee1275 code
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 20:01:14 -0500

This patch is loosely based on Vincent's Sparc patches. It changes the IEEE1275 code to use a new type, grub_ieee1275_cell_t. This is necessary because OpenBoot on Sparc requires the cell size to be 64 bits, while Open Firmware on PowerPC requires it to be 32 bits.

It's rather large because it moves a few files around that Vincent indicated can be directly shared between Sparc and PowerPC:
- disk/powerpc/ieee1275/ofdisk.c -> disk/ieee1275/ofdisk.c
- include/grub/powerpc/ieee1275/ieee1275.h -> include/grub/ieee1275/ieee1275.h - include/grub/powerpc/ieee1275/ofdisk.h -> include/grub/ieee1275/ofdisk.h
- term/powerpc/ieee1275/ofconsole.c -> term/ieee1275/ofconsole.c
- boot/powerpc/ieee1275/ieee1275.c -> kern/ieee1275.c

As long as I was moving things around, I noticed that <grub/machine/console.h> was no longer useful, so consolidated both i386 and powerpc's into include/grub/console.h.

I have tested this on PowerPC, and once all the compile annoyances were fixed it booted perfectly.

Vincent, this is not exactly what you had in some places, but I think this diff will help you a lot.

If there are no complaints, I will send a real changelog entry soon.


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