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Re: [PATCH] new ELF64 patch

From: Joel Buckley
Subject: Re: [PATCH] new ELF64 patch
Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2005 21:34:11 -0600
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Ruslan Nikolaev wrote:

I have seen that grub2 has a 4Gb limit when detecting memory size and mmap. I think that is not good for both x86 and x86_64. i686 for example can use 64 Gb of RAM. As for x86_64 it is 2^52 bytes. I can try to fix this... But I also need an answer about ELF64 multiboot.

Best regards, Ruslan.


I can see this would be a problem for the final running kernel.
However, is 4GB sufficient for kernel loading & kernel memory discovery?

I am interested in situations were 4GB would not be sufficient.
Say, having grub2 being utilized for full device discovery for a minimalistic kernel...
Or, having grub2 be the minimalistic kernel...

Forgive me, I am still learning the Weirding Ways ;)


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