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Re: 4Gb memory limit and ELF64

From: Yoshinori K. Okuji
Subject: Re: 4Gb memory limit and ELF64
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 21:29:13 +0200
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On Tuesday 19 July 2005 00:35, Ruslan Nikolaev wrote:
> When I say about 4Gb limit it means 4Gb limit when GRUB passing memory
> information for OS using multiboot specs. I have seen that GRUB doesn't
> want to detect more than 4Gb of RAM. In that case OS gets only 4Gb using
> multiboot specs. Of course GRUB doesn't need more than 4Gb and it's OK,
> but OS can use more than 4Gb of RAM. Isn't it?

Could you provide us detailed information? What information is passed 

> ChangeLog:
> Added support for X86_64 ELF64:
> 1. Using ELF64 headers when ELF class is 64-bit.
> 2. Algorigthm is the same as for ELF32 + several validating:
> - separate code for validating ELF64 header
> - checking that entry_point is less than 0xffffffff
> and so on
> 3. If ELF class isn't ELF64 then using code for ELF32
> That's all.

This does not conform to the standard. Please follow the GNU Coding Standards.


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