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grub-install awk

From: address@hidden
Subject: grub-install awk
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 09:08:32 +0200


I'm not a pc expert but I would agree with the option, that writing a
tool for autochoosing the filesystem module for the core image. Here is
a little awk script which reads a file containing a mount table and
picks the file system that is used on the mounted device.

you can use it like this: (The script is attached)

> mount > test1
> awk -v dis=/path/to/rootdevice -f test2.awk test1
> maybe outputs e.g. ufs

Here is the source:

if ($1==dis) {
        match ($4,",")
        t=substr ($4,2,i)
        print t


END {}

This is surley not what we want for the release grub2, but maybe you can
use it for another purpose.

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