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Re: gsd grub2 option proposal

From: adrian15
Subject: Re: gsd grub2 option proposal
Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2005 19:55:03 +0200

>First you need to define "Grub Super Disk," because I really don't know 
> what you're talking about...

Floppy image of Grub Super Disk:
Cdrom image of Grub Super Disk:
Grub Super Disk definition (more or less):
Screenshots of Grub Super Disk:

.. code of menu.lst prototype...

>This might even work now, although obviously you would need to select two 
>entries: some hard disk, and then "Go!". Doesn't seem very convenient to 

But option as a grub command is not implemented in grub2, no?

>If you're just trying to avoid typing that stuff under "Go!", I guess a 
>script function would be useful here.

So in grub2 I will be able to make functions, great.


My question was the following you're in a menu with 3 or 4 options... and I 
want to prompt the user to choose between 4 options more... without having 
to load another configfile (menu.lst), without having to quit the current 

Would it be possible with grub2 easily?


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