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Re: GRUB2 Sparc

From: Vincent Pelletier
Subject: Re: GRUB2 Sparc
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 09:25:40 +0200
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Bart Grantham a écrit :
> I am interested in the development of the Sparc port of GRUB2 and was
> wondering who I could contact about doing some testing, etc.  Would the
> maintainer please contact me so I could find out current status, if
> there are any ways that I could help out, etc.


Current status (on CVS) :
Grub 2 boots to rescue mode, ls is buggy.
Only tested in netboot environment (my U10 can boot grubof
straightforward, it's an ELF64 file).

Current status (on my disk) :
Grub 2 has module support, ls is still buggy, I tested some modules and
they work - loaded from disk. It still can't boot anything.

I have to make a patch, but i have few time now (and no internet at
home, and almost no "home" for now...). I haven't moved my U10 yet, so I
can't work on it now. I think everything will be ok around the middle of

I'm sorry not to have synced the cvs to my current progress on the port,
module loading is quite blocking. What you can still work on is that ls
problem : it loops forever, listing drives and throwing some OpenBoot
errors. I think the problem is in disk/ieee1275/ofdisk.c, but I haven't
 searched much. Same symptoms in normal mode (when module loading works).

Vincent Pelletier

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