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Re: 2Marco Gerards (important info)

From: Ruslan Nikolaev
Subject: Re: 2Marco Gerards (important info)
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 15:43:35 -0700 (PDT)

Just want to inform you about other problems.
Please note that all other testings (expect for OBJCOPY) during configure _MUST_ BE DONE in 64-bit mode compiling. Otherwise I had problems with Linux w/o 32-bit support (there are problems with building because I haven't 32-bit libraries and so on).
OBJCOPY test can be done in 32-bit mode compiling. Otherwise i386 test will fail. There is no problems. It compiles properly in 32-bit mode even if you haven't 32-bit libraries.
FOR MORE INFO SEE MY PATCH. IT OVERRIDES CC and keep original value in CC_ARCH (for building utilities as 64-bit files) !!!!!!! AFTER ALL TESTINGS EXPECT "OBJCOPY test".
!!!!! It's really too hard to make patch without saving and restoring CC and LD because you also need to make configure tests for x86_64 separately and more routine works.
That is why my patch just overrides settings and then restores settings for building utilities.

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