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Re: Sparc bootblock [Was: SFS breaks PPC build ]

From: Vincent Pelletier
Subject: Re: Sparc bootblock [Was: SFS breaks PPC build ]
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 18:59:45 +0200
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Bart Grantham wrote:
> - have it verify that the file at the configured sector(s) is an ELF file

Quite easy if we stick to the header signature.

> - follow through and make sure it properly boots an ELF image (right now
> it only gets it into memory)

I think there are 2 ways :
-write your own Forth ELF relocating code (might be fun, but beside that...)
-have the "init-program" command do this work for you, which require you
to load the image where "boot net" loads it (or maybe other commands,
but for now I only know about boot net as it is the only way to
currently boot grub2 on sparc64 ;) ).

> - verify that the code works on PPC, and if not, try to make it work so
> that there's a unified bootblock [not sure if this is reasonable as I'm
> not as familiar with how PPC OF boots... how similiar is it to Sparc?]

I think this one can't be done without making the FCode grow quite big.

> - same for sparc32

I would be interested if the port could be unified in 32bits. For now I
built it 64bits - don't ask why :) - but if a 32bits build can work both
on sparc32 and sparc64, I think it would be great for maintenance.

Vincent Pelletier

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