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From: Marco Gerards
Subject: Wiki
Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2005 16:49:12 +0100
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As most of you know, I was not very active lately.  Most important and
big emails people sent in were not read by me.  Not because they are
not important, just because those issues cost more time.  Hopefully I
will have more time in February, I expect most important courses are
finished by then.

I created a private page about what I am working on and what's on my
todo on the wiki.  If you think there is something I should look at,
but which is not on the wiki, please contact me.  If it is not there
it means I forgot about it.

Besides that, I have added links from the todo list to my personal
page for the todo items I work on or which are high on my todo list.
I hope other people will do the same.  This will make it clear for
people who are not involved with GRUB what we are heading to and what
needs to be worked on.

I have some holidays now.  I'm quite busy for school, but I'd also
like to fill the spare hours with some GRUB hacking (HFS+ and
scripting is something that just can't wait, other things rely on

Hopefully I explained my situation clearly, otherwise feel free to
contact me. :-)


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