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OF default catch on grub2 on 43p-260

From: Chris Abbey
Subject: OF default catch on grub2 on 43p-260
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2006 14:29:26 -0600
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I just tried out grub2 on my ppc64 box, a 43p-260 using cvs as of 6 March. It 
all seems to have built ok, I didn't see any kind of issues there, trying to 
boot it however fails with an default catch from OF:

0 > printenv boot-device
-------------- Partition: common -------- Signature: 0x70 ---------------
boot-device              floppy:,grubof.mod
0 > setenv debug all  ok
0 > 0 > 0 > printenv debug
debug                    all
0 > boot Failed to claim heap at 0x4000, len 0x1fb000
DEFAULT CATCH!, code=fff00700 at   %SRR0: 00206090   %SRR1: 00023000
0 > setenv boot-device /pci/scsi/address@hidden  ok
0 > reset-all 

That mess mean anything to anyone? Suggestions for further debug?

Chris Abbey - IBM Linux Technology Center

The value of Open Standards is only evident to Open Minds.

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