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Re: Status of UNDI Support

From: vincent guffens
Subject: Re: Status of UNDI Support
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 09:49:19 +0000
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I am resending this mail, it looks that it didn't get through:

Martin Vogt wrote:

Hello grub2 developers,

I just tried pxegrub2, but I found out that the network support
is missing. (can load pxegrub, but no menu.lst or kernel etc....)

i have been working on netboot support for grub2 for a while and even got it working once using code from etherboot. I am now grubifying the work in order to submit a patch. The PCI support is on its way and is going to feature an abstract interface which should ease the merging of new implementations.

My experience with grub1 and the etherboot based nic support,
is that it does not work well, so I still use pxelinux.
I always thought that grub2 wont use etheboot and only supports UNDI,
like pxelinux.

As far as I know, a lot of problems related to netboot in grub were linked to the fact that the drivers could not easily be linked together as it could result in grub freezing of behaving improperly. The idea in grub2 is still to use the etherboot drivers but not to be limited by them. There will be a "glue" layer in order to import the etherboot drivers, hopefully with as little modifications as possible, but it will be possible to extend that.

Isnt it possible to re-use some UNDI support from pxelinux and put it
into grub2?

I don't know very much about this UNDI support but this is certainly not incompatible with using the etherboot drivers for supported cards anyway. Grub is very flexible and we can certainly have both support if it is worth it.



                Vincent Guffens
                Intelligent Systems & Networks Group
Research associate, Imperial College

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