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Booting off USB, error 16 at stage 1.5?

From: John Pye
Subject: Booting off USB, error 16 at stage 1.5?
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 15:39:57 +1100
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Hi all,

I've just joined this mailing list, I note that it's a 'devel' list and
not a 'users' list so please let me know if I should be posting elsewhere.

I have a problem with installing Ubuntu 5.10 on a USB hard drive. I
followed the instructions at

but have now reached the point where those guys perhaps don't know how
to help me. After following those instructions, I had a fully
operational installation of Ubuntu that worked on some newer computers
but not older ones. On older computers (~3yo) -- USB-boot capable,
according to their BIOS -- I plug in the USB drive and the USB drive
starts up but GRUB gives an "Error 16" at "stage 1.5" error. The exact
same steps with the same USB HDD on a newer computer results in
perfectly successful booting of the OS.

Can you suggest where I look in order to track this error down further?
If the error is at stage 1.5, does that mean that I maybe just don't
have the right kernel modules loaded, or does this mean that GRUB isn't
even getting as far as trying to load those?

Would appreciate your advice,


John Pye
School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
The University of New South Wales
Sydney  NSW 2052  Australia
t +61 2 9385 5127
f +61 2 9663 1222

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