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grub 1.93

From: Sergey Ya. Korshunoff
Subject: grub 1.93
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 08:52:12 +0400

Hello grub-devel,

1) current version of GRUB2 (1.93 from CVS) reports about pointer misaligment 
and hangs
(no any text menu posiible). Any plans to fix this? (I use x86 hardware).

   Yes, it is because of grub.cfg from 1.92 (old menu stile).
   While there is no support for this style in current GRUB2?
   Read all non empty lines after this command and execute them.
   Is is hard to implement?

2) cursor keys do not work in menu (can not move selection bar). But
keys work in edit menu mode.

     Is there plans to add ^N ^P ^A ^D (or some other like this) as navigation 

3) long menu lines (linux .......................... with parameters)
are truncated (but it is possible to add more chars in edit mode)

4) default 1
   This command do not select right menu item as in 1.92 (always 0)

Best regards,

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