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Re: [patch] Moved font fixup from manager to font converter

From: Vesa Jääskeläinen
Subject: Re: [patch] Moved font fixup from manager to font converter
Date: Sat, 01 Apr 2006 22:39:03 +0300
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Yoshinori K. Okuji wrote:
> On Thursday 30 March 2006 20:41, Vesa Jääskeläinen wrote:
>> I have made a small patch that moved this temporary hack from font
>> manager to font converted. At same time I also made some improvements to
>> converter. I can't say I am proficient on ruby, but at least it _seems_
>> to work.
> No problem for me.

Actually there weren't a need for that fixup. My bad. Perhaps I readed
incorrectly the vga driver code at some point. But atleast it is now
more usable :). So I made a fix and removed this mapping and now we have
quite nice glyphs:

(I have no idea what it says in Japanese though :))

I tested this on my laptop and it seems to work also nicely. If someone
wants to test it out I have started to make guide to wiki:

menuentry supports UTF-8 in title, so you could also try to use your own
language's glyphs. And if there are some odd special cases we could
start to discuss how we could support those too.

Example grub.cfg:

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