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grub cvs ... configfile

From: Jeff Chua
Subject: grub cvs ... configfile
Date: Sun, 2 Apr 2006 13:58:09 +0800 (SGT)

I just downloaded the lastest grub2 cvs (1.93) and can't seems to get configfile to work... it keeps rebooting.

grub> configfile /grub.cfg
... system reboots

Here's what's in grub.cfg
title Linux Init
        linux /linux/bzc1

Another problem that with the older 1.92 is that it doesn't work with initrd with 1.5GB RAM. It works fine with 128MB RAM. Same config, just less ram.

Also, it seems grub2 doesn't support very long command line. Anyway to increase the command line to more than 255 bytes as in the following ...

title Linux Test
        linux /linux/bzc1 root=/dev/ram0 ro \
        network=fixed \
        netaddr= \
        broadcast= \
        netmask= \
        gateway= \
        dns= \
        nssdns=0 \
        apm=1 gpm=1 \ master=hda \
        modules=\"e100\" \
        testing=very_long_line second_line=maybe
        initrd /linux/ramc1.gz


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