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Re: proposals for grub2 (i think 3rd email)

From: adrian15
Subject: Re: proposals for grub2 (i think 3rd email)
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 12:08:39 +0200
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adrian15 <address@hidden> writes:

2) Being able to mount tar.gz files.
This was a real need with my stupid implementation of Grub Legacy on
Super Grub Disk that made me having a lot of different little lst files
(till 8000 files) and thus made it impossible to save it into a floppy.
(You know 8000 files occuppy more space than these 8000 files in a
single tar and if it is gz is smaller)

Due to the script nature of "lst?" files of grub2 I think there won't be
need of such a feature. At least I won't need it.

Maybe other people will need it but let's not insist on this proposal then.
3) Being able to mount loopback devices.
This is possible already.
4) Mapping partitions directly to Grub partitions. Is it possible ?
I know that Grub does not take in account partitions as a single entity
but rather devices that can have or not its partitions.

I am not very sure but I suppose that there are some ocassions where it
is useful to treat partitions as a single entity such as from inside the
grub shell inside a linux shell using the device command (which could be
renamed to partition) and trying to access to a "partition" that could be:

* A partition from these new things called: Logical Volume Manager (LVM)

* A partition that has being "dded" to a file and thus don't need to be
a hard disk image. (I'm talking about a file because you say that you
can loopback!)

That's all for the reply! But there's an idea left.


The other day I was talking with a friend about the development of Super
Grub Disk and specifically on the part of Grub Legacy Source Code.

He told me that we could manage to build a c function so that it creates
on the fly a menu on which you could choose all the hard disks and then
all the partitions of the hard disks but not fixed ones (Let's say from
1st to 20th partitions) but real ones... if you have 3 partitions you
only see 3 partitions... if you have 4 partitions you only see 4 partitions.

Would there some kind of function/menu that let the user select its own
partitions detected by grub on grub2?


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