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grub-emu state of the art

From: Eric Salomé
Subject: grub-emu state of the art
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 23:00:13 +0200


I need a working grub-emu to continue the port of a system of my own
from grub to grub 2.

I am currently working on a i386 pc and had hard time the first days
with the 1.93 delivery : grub-emu would run (on Linux based Ubuntu OS)
and come with a rescue mode prompt, but was not likely to load and init
modules such as "normal.mod" (even by hand).

Am I doing something wrong or is it the current state of grub-emu ?

In the latter case, I'd  be glad to help a little and see what can be
done to have a fully functional grub-emu.

Best regards.
Eric Salomé - Paris, France

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