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Re: SOC - SGD based on grub2 - Menu and scripting status

From: Marco Gerards
Subject: Re: SOC - SGD based on grub2 - Menu and scripting status
Date: Mon, 01 May 2006 20:57:21 +0200
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adrian15 <address@hidden> writes:

>>>5) I need to define "something" (In my grub legacy fork is a menu.lst)
>>>that lets me choose the harddisk-partition which I want to work
>>>on. Can I make it easily?
>> You mean as a variable?  That's possible.
> I will explain this point in more detail if you don't mind. Here goes
> copy-pasted
> 1) the first the "lst" for hard disks and then
> 2)the second one the "sh" that makes the "lst" for partitions.
> 3) An "lst" for making easier to call the selection of partitions from
> inside a function or whatever.
> 4) An example of how this menues/selectors are called. (lst)
> I'm not asking you to develop a command for giving me this lst on the
> fly adapted to the user pc. You know what I was telling before: If the
> users hard disk has only three partitions make an array with only
> three values which are the partitions.
> I'm asking you to think about new features that scripting should have
> so that the developing of this command is far easy.

I was thinking about an iterator function.  Perhaps that might be the
easiest to use...  Please watch CVS closely.  I am actively working on
scripting, as much as time permits.


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