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RE : grub-emu state of the art

From: Eric Salomé
Subject: RE : grub-emu state of the art
Date: Thu, 4 May 2006 01:31:18 +0200

GRUB 2 Wiki
ToDoList : Implement ModuleLoading in grub-emu

I worked on that : Architecture i386/pc - Emulation on Linux/Ubuntu
grub-emu is loading all current modules, though some won't do anything
in emulation mode. The modules .mod are the same as those used for boot

Little changes in source code, though I had to adapt asm files to
passing parameters in stack (I compile without -mregparm=3 -mrtd options
as I didn't want to recompile the whole C library with those passing
parameters conventions).
... when I be done with grub 2 debugging I'll just have to recompile
with these options (if you like them a lot) and it will work just fine
(boot time only).

Don't use gcc 3.3 with grub 2's current source files : compiled code is
wrong and subject to unattended results.
Runs fine with gcc 4.0. I have still a doubt about gcc 3.4.

LeftToDo : 

- see if every modification is useful, as I tried a few things before I
got a good result, and send a diff patch.
- I need a "patched" symlist.c to compile with grub-emu (could be
generated by a script, but I am too lazy).
- let gdb know about dynamically loaded modules ;-), but I guess it
won't be the easy part.

Best Regards,
Eric Salomé - Paris, France

> -----Message d'origine-----
> De : Eric Salomé
> Envoyé : samedi 29 avril 2006 23:00
> À : The development of GRUB 2
> Objet : grub-emu state of the art
> Hi,
> I need a working grub-emu to continue the port of a system of my own
> grub to grub 2.
> I am currently working on a i386 pc and had hard time the first days
> the 1.93 delivery : grub-emu would run (on Linux based Ubuntu OS) and
> with a rescue mode prompt, but was not likely to load and init modules
> such as "normal.mod" (even by hand).
> Am I doing something wrong or is it the current state of grub-emu ?
> In the latter case, I'd  be glad to help a little and see what can be
> to have a fully functional grub-emu.
> Best regards.
> _________________________________________
> Eric Salomé - Paris, France

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