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RE: GRUB2 netboot development

From: Guffens, Vincent
Subject: RE: GRUB2 netboot development
Date: Sun, 7 May 2006 22:44:52 +0100

>Well I followed you advice but I came across some issues, probably on
>customization of the driver, I'm trying to add the tg3 to it. I made
>some adjustments on the code add some here and remove some there to
>resolve dependencies but one dependency I can't resolve. This function
>is not in the tg3.c or tg3.h code ... :( 

>I probably don't know enough C++ do understand that. If you have any
>ideas I would appreciate it very much.


>genmoddep: error: pcibios_read_config_dword in tg3 is not defined

>make: *** [moddep.lst] Error 1

yes, this is right, this function is not implemented anywhere. I have published 
grub2_netboot_8.tgz on my website so that you can have a look. The module 
tg3.mod compiles successfully but I did not test it. By the way, this is not 
c++ but c (although with a nice object oriented design)!

I hope it will work, but if it does not, I think we should not worry too much 
about that for the moment as the netboot development is taking quite a 
different direction now.



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