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RE : Roboot's BOF

From: Eric Salomé
Subject: RE : Roboot's BOF
Date: Sat, 27 May 2006 11:12:42 +0200

> > Let's call it "Roboot".
> Something very similar exists already. Its called OpenBIOS. See
> for more details.
> Stefan

I've glanced over the Internet looking for OpenBIOS and other software. 
I've found an OpenBIOS version 1.1 that fullfills well its goals. 
(Can't open on my PC :-( so I don't know what's new).

Using Forth at boot time isn't a fresh new idea, but I believe (as you
do) it's a very good one.

As a start, I thought it might be interesting to have a Forth engine
make use of the Grub 2's commands. 
Let's say it can be thought of as a script helper for situations that
won't be handled by the scripting language of Grub 2.

Well, it's done.

But there is more than that. In fact my belief is there is a life before
booting OS, and a life after the OS gives up (on user’s request or when
it can’t go on any more (windows’ blue screen)). A life full of many
things to do:
-         boot an (other) OS
-         connect to the net to request for Roboot’s Web assistance
-         partition disks and other flavours
-         examine current configuration, diagnostic misfits
-         add a new OS in the PC 
-         advertise central server of boot events
-         look for email incoming and decide not to boot if there’s
nothing new
-         have a calculator, play cards, etc.

You might be interested in ? 

I don't know what Marco, Yoshinori and others would like to do for Grub
3 to X, so I just ask.

Even if it happens to be two different projects, I kind of believe one
will gain from the other.

Eric Salomé - Paris - France

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