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initrd in menu and command line

From: Christian Demmer
Subject: initrd in menu and command line
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 14:48:48 +0200


I have the same problem as mentioned earlier regarding initrd:

If I place initrd in the grub.cfg file, it will not be loaded. Using the 
command line, I can easily boot my system:

Athlon XP with 1 GB memory booting of the first IDE drive, /dev/hda1 aka. hd0,0 
is grub's root and linux /boot, /dev/hda2 aka. hd0,1 is linux root

My grub.cfg:

set timeout=3
set default

menuentry "Linux" {
linux /vmlinuz quiet root=/dev/hda2
initrd /initrd 

I tried to use the mem= option discussed in an earlier thread, but couldn't 
find any docs about it ...

Any suggestions?



P.S.: I am only a user of grub2 ... and have very limited coding knowledge .. 
however I use a EPOX board with SATA which does not work with legcy grub ....
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