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Re: Finding the list of NIC names

From: Gerardo Richarte
Subject: Re: Finding the list of NIC names
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 17:52:36 -0300

OK, so I've taken the original grub-diskless patch (originally targeted at 0.95, which can be found in the GRUB bug tracker) and applied it to 0.97. I've had success using the e1000 driver. However, I actually use the UNDI driver with the e1000's I have since I need to support both Intel and Broadcom NICs in a PXE boot environment.

If there's interest, I can post said patch to the list, or I can just email the people who have expressed interest directly.

I am interested, please send! I don't really need to compile them, but I'd love to see the source code for both drivers at least.


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