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Re: OS Choice password protection?

From: Mark Knecht
Subject: Re: OS Choice password protection?
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2006 11:30:54 -0700

Found the answer. All solved by using the password operator withing
the specific OS selection I wanted to restrict.

Thanks for all the good work on grub.

Cheers & out,

On 7/30/06, Mark Knecht <address@hidden> wrote:
   First post here. I'm just a user who hasn't found a solution to
this question via normal user lists and forum searches. I figure you
developers are the best ones to tell me whether grub supports this.
Thanks in advance.

   I set up all my machines as dual-boot with Linux and Windows. For
fairly obvious reasons I want Linux to be the default boot option
which grub handles nicely. However, so far I have not figured out how
to *stop* someone from choosing Windows at boot time. I would prefer
to have the OS boot option screen default to Linux and if someone
chooses the Windows option then grub would ask for a password to
proceed. Can this be done with the current product versions of grub?

   Currently I've tried the password option but this doesn't stop
someone from booting Windows as best I can tell. It just unlocks the
editing of the grub commands.

   I also tried adding the hiddenmenu option but when that is running
it seems password doesn't work at all and I just get the default.

   Maybe there is a way to apply the password command inside the
specific OS section but I haven't located any documentation on that as
of yet.

   If it matters, this is a home environment where we all run Linux
but occasionally have to do something on Windows. I want to ensure
Windows is only run when I say it can be and not when kids decide to
do it. ;-)

   Anyway, thanks in advance for any info you can pass on.


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