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Port to hppa-ipl

From: Jeff Bailey
Subject: Port to hppa-ipl
Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2006 05:37:00 -0700
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This is the initial work for my port to hppa-ipl.  IPL is, I believe, a
format specific to the HP PA-RISC series of machines.  This is a hobby
project of mine that I'll work on over the next few months.  I have the
support of many contributors to the current bootloader, palo.

Legal bits are taken care of already (copyright assignments, etc.)

2006-08-05  Jeff Bailey  <address@hidden>

        Initial port to hppa-ipl, tested on hppa-linux-gnu.

        * (RMKFILES): Add hppa-ipl.rmk.
        * Add hppa as a target CPU.  
        Add hppa-ipl as a target platform.
        * configure: Update.

        * conf/ New file.
        * conf/hppa-ipl.rmk: New generated file.

        * include/grub/hppa/ipl/biosdisk.h: New file.
        * include/grub/hppa/ipl/console.h: New file.
        * include/grub/hppa/ipl/time.h: New file.
        * include/grub/hppa/setjmp.h: New file.
        * include/grub/hppa/types.h: New file.

        * normal/hppa/setjmp.S: New file.

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right to say it. 
 - Voltaire

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