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I need some help with gfxterm

From: Khaled Hosny
Subject: I need some help with gfxterm
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2006 23:10:02 +0300
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I was exploring the new video subsystem of GRUB2 (1.94), I followed the
instructions in GRUB wiki about using gfxterm.
This what I did:
        insmod video
        insmod vbe
        insmod font
        font (fd1)/unifont.pff
        insmod gfxterm
        set gfxmode 1024x768x32
        insmod terminal
OK, no errors till now, then:
        terminal gfxterm
here I got that error:
        error: Can't locate valid adapter for mode
and nothing changes.
BTW I'm trying this under qemu.
Khaled Hosny

Egyptian GNU/Linux user
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